The ‘’Hirer’’ is the person or institution user of the rental equipment.

The ‘’Leaser’’ is 2kids 1bag S.A.S au capital de 8 840 € – RCS Paris B 789 683 307 – 52, avenue de la Motte-Picquet 75015 Paris Téléphone : + 33 6 23 56 26 73 Fax + 33 9 72 29 56 86

‘’Equipment’’ means all childcare items and equipment for families (meeting current European standards), instructions for use, packaging and accessories available for rent for an agreed on period. It is described in the specific terms and conditions of sale.

These general terms and conditions of sale, and prices may be subject to unilateral changes, without prior notice on the part of the leaser.
However, the general terms and conditions of sale, and the applicable prices, are those indicated on the website on the date of the booking of the equipment by the hirer.

Article 1 – Rental Conditions

The prior acceptance of the present general terms and conditions of sale is required to proceed with renting equipment. Booking is to be made on the website, by email or directly throught a partner of the Leaser, within the limits of available stocks, at least 24 hours before the date of requested delivery. The rental contract is formed at the moment of booking. An email taking account of the request is sent with reference to the total price of rental.

The photographs and texts reproduced on the site and the products are not contractual. Possible variations do not engage the responsibility of the leaser and do not affect the validity of the rental.

Article 2 – Rental period

The contract period is determined when the order is passed. A rental is for 1 day minimum. The rental period begins the day the Equipment is delivered by the Leaser to the address indicated by the Hirer. Each started day is due fully. The Hirer is to return the equipment to the Leaser on the scheduled date.

The rental period consists as a start and an end date, confirmed by the Leaser on the booking voucher emailed to the hirer or given by a partner of the Leaser, which validates all the constituent elements of the order (equipment, payment and conditions of equipment collect).

The initial rental period can be extended, subject to availability and once agreed to by the Leaser by email at

Any extension of the rental period leads to the drafting of the new order form. In this case, the provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain applicable right up to the deadline.

The whole rental period is charged to the Hirer regardless of the events leading to a reduction in the number of days of use of the Equipment, and even in the case of an early return.

The rental period ends when all the Equipment is returned exclusively to the Leaser or a company commissioned by the Leaser. The responsibility of the Hirer remains involved until the end of the rental.

Article 3 – Rental rates

The supplementary benefits and rental rates are those in force at the signing of the contract.

Prices indicated for each product on the website are expressed in Euros and inclusive of all taxes applicable in France. They are available for a minimum rental of one day and the maximum rental of one month. For a longer period, an estimate can be made by direct contact with the Leaser via the contact page, by email or by phone. Prices do not include delivery charges as described below.

Delivery rates (including picking up) are €12 (inclusive of all taxes) for any order delivered exclusively in Paris and departments 92, 93, 94 and €30 for the others departments of Ile-de-France (91, 95, 78, 77) and for 4 maximum articles ordered. For any orders with more than 4 articles, delivery rates are estimated in taking in account the weight of articles and the place to deliver.

For any orders made 48 working hours before the date of requested delivery and for orders requested by phone or by email to the Leaser, an extra fee of €12 is applied.

The minimum order is €15 (inclusive of all taxes) excluding delivery rates.

Article 4 – Prices

The total amount of the rental price includes the price of the rental Equipment, delivery rates and security deposit.

Payment of the order can be done by credit card directly on the Internet site using the PayPal secure system, by bank or postal cheque cashable in France, in cash, by bank transfer or throught a partner of the Leaser. The potential transfer fees will be paid by the Hirer.

The Leaser must receive payments or deposit at least 24 hours before the date of provision of Equipment, and with a copy of your identity card if you are paying by cheque.
Otherwise the booking will be canceled.

For each order of a total amount superior of €200 (inclusive of all taxes) and whatever the method of payment, the payment must have been received by the Leaser, at least 30 days before the date of delivery.

For each order with a specific need (article not presented on the website when the order is registered), the payment must have been received by the Leaser, at least 7 working days before the date of delivery.
Before any payment and regardless of method of payment, the Hirer undertakes to review and approve the present general terms and conditions of sale and the specific terms and conditions of rental specified in the order.

In case of legal dispute to collect the amounts due to the Leaser, and after no effect for 8 days, the Hirer will be liable to pay damages to a fixed penalty equal to 15% of the unpaid amount inclusive of all taxes.

Article 5 – Security deposit

The deposit is specifically determined for each item for rent. It is intended to cover the damage suffered by the Leaser in case of damage or theft of the Equipment. The sum is indicated on the website for each of the items and confirmed in the specific terms and conditions of use.

Provision of Equipment is subject to delivery of the security deposit by the Hirer to the Leaser by cashable cheque in France or in cash at the latest when the Equipment is delivered, or by credit card via PayPal at least 24 hours before the date of delivery of the Equipment. The security deposit will be acquired to the Leaser in case of non-compliance with the conditions of this contract, damaged caused by the Hirer or Equipment not given back.

The Leaser agrees not to cash the security deposit for the rental period, to return the cheque or cash after Equipment is checked, if all the conditions of this contract are met by the Hirer.

If the Equipment is not returned with the instruction of use, with its packaging or accessories, these items will be charged to the Hirer.

Article 6 – Delivery

Subject to availability of Equipment, regulation of delivery and the security deposit, delivery and return of the Equipment to the dates set in the order or executed directly by the Leaser or by a mandated carrier from Mondays to Fridays or Mondays to Sundays according to the delivery methods and may correspond to different addresses.

When booking, the Hirer chooses his / her preference of delivery (morning, afternoon or evening). This indication is not an obligation for rental. In any event, the Leaser will confirm, no later than 3 working days before the date of delivery, by email to the Leaser the chosen time slot.

If the Hirer is absent when the carrier comes, lack of information requiring a second passing by the carrier or a non-signaled lateness will be charged €35 inclusive of all taxes to the Hirer. The Equipment will be put back for rental if it cannot be delivered on the day and time agreed on.

Article 7 – Collect and return the Equipment directly to partner

The equipment can be collected and returned via partners of the Leaser, during the working hours described on the website

Article 8 –Equipment availability

A descriptive condition of the equipment is given the day of delivery. The Hirer undertakes to record in writing, before the departure of the rental company, any apparent defect which would not appear. Otherwise, the Leaser is said to have delivered the Equipment in accordance with the inventory, the needs of the tenant, clean, in good condition of use, with the instructions for use and (if any) packaging.

Rental does not include the installation of the Equipment which remains under the responsibility of the tenant. Material cannot be released, subleased or lent or be used for another purpose than planned. The material must be returned in the same state as it was when received.

Article 9 – Use

The Hirer agrees to comply with the present general conditions, to use the Equipment according to its destination and with caution, to comply with the instructions and records of use and security, and more generally any current legal provision and regulation. The obligation of the Leaser is limited to give on demand, the instructions use of the manufacturers.

The Hirer shall not leave the Equipment without supervision or appropriate security system, to protect the Equipment rented against degradation, and to maintain it in good condition of use, and cleanliness. Any transformation, intervention or repair on the Equipment is prohibited without prior consent of the Leaser.
Concerning the equipment like scooters and all the accessories connected with them, the hirer makes a commitment   : to respect all road regulations, in particular traffic rules  ; not to transport a passenger and to respect the instruction manual and the safety manual  ; not to use the equipment in a way that could endanger the Hirer, third parties or goods.

Article 10 – Return of equipment

The Hirer shall, at the end of period of use, return all Equipment in good operating condition, the Equipment having undergone through the Hirer’s use only a normal wear. The return of the Equipment occurs on the date specified in the order, directly by the Leaser or by a mandated company  Mondays to Fridays or Mondays to Sundays according to delivery mode.

The Hirer has all the obligations arising from the contract up to the effective recovery by the Leaser, mandated carrier or partner of the Leaser. The Hirer remains the guardian of the material, and is committed to keeping it under surveillance.

Absence of the Hirer when the carrier passes, the lack of information requiring a second passage of the carrier or a non-signaled lateness will be charged €35 (inclusive of all taxes) to the Hirer.

If the Equipment has not been given back  24 hours after the originally scheduled date, the product not returned to the rental will be considered as having become the property of the Hirer and the deposit will be cashed by the Leaser and this, without any possibility for the Hirer to turn against the company.

Article 11 – Return of the security deposit

After each return of rental Equipment, the Leaser proceeds within a period of 3 working days to check the state of use of the Equipment and, if all the components were given back, the Leaser will return the whole amount of the deposit within 8 working days.

If the packaging is missing or damaged the Hirer will be charged the lump sum of €15 (inclusive of all taxes). The cost of cleaning fabrics is charged the lump sum of €45  (inclusive of all taxes). Damaged mechanisms will lead to the Leaser cashing the deposit.

Article 12 – Order cancellation

The cancellation request is done by email at
Each customer has the right of retraction granted by law (7days). When this period has elapsed you can still cancel your order until the 3rd working day before delivery date.

In case the order is cancelled after this period, whatever the cause, penalties equivalent to 50% of the total amount of the order will have to be paid.

Each order of a total amount superior of €200 (inclusive all taxes) or requested to a specific need (article not presented on the website when the order is registered) is irrevocable and definitive. In case the order is cancelled after the legal period, the total amount has to be paid by the Hirer to the Leaser.

Article 13 – Liability limitation Clauses

The Hirer is responsible in case of theft or loss. In this regard  the Leaser offloads all responsibilities and in this case the deposit will be cashed.

The Hirer attests to the fact he/she is solely responsible for and guardian of the Equipment, of its control, its use and its integrity, until Equipment has been fully returned to the Leaser. The Leaser cannot be, in any case, held responsible for the bad use resulting in injury or physical damage or Equipment damage. The Hirer will pay for the entire costs resulting from possible damage.
When renting a car seat, the hirer also makes a commitment to inform the leaser of any collision at a speed superior to 10km/h resulting in an even partial damage of the attached car seat.
The hirer declares that he/she holds a third party liability insurance coverage. The parents or legal representatives of any minor user of the rented equipment are held responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the minor due to his/her use of the rented equipment.
The liability of the Leaser remains limited to the rental cost of the Equipment in question.
The Leaser cannot be held responsible for potential impact on the rental contract due to any event separate from his/her goodwill (strikes, bustle, natural disasters…),nor their direct or indirect consequences on the Hirer or third parties and is not liable to any compensation.

Article 14 – Personal data

The information collected are subject to computer processing to process rental orders.

In accordance with the law “informatique et libertés” of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, the Hirer has a right of access and rectification . To exercise this right the Hirer will send a message to  or at the following address:
2kids 1bag-52, Avenue de la Motte Picquet 75015 Paris France

Automated processing of information, including the management of the addresses of the users of the site was the subject of a declaration to the CNIL on January 5, 2012, registered under number 1556611.

The Leaser  will archive the purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable support – a faithful copy in accordance with the provisions of article 1348 of the French civil Code.

The computerized registers of the Hirer will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions having occurred between the parties.

Article 15 – Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to French law. In case of legal dispute, the competence  is attributed to the Paris courts.

The Hirer acknowledges having read and approved the terms stated above.

Last update: January 30, 2015.