Partners general terms and conditions of sale

Conditions governing the provision of the Service by the Transport Company

1.Passengers must present themselves for boarding with the Ticket sent them by the Partner.  

2.The Ticket must be handed to the driver as the Passenger boards the coach. In exchange, the driver should give the Passenger a receipt which should be kept until the end of the journey. In case of a complaint, it is essential that this receipt is attached to the complaint file.  

 3. When the ticket includes a travel date and/or a given route, it is only valid for the dateand/or route mentioned. It cannot be accepted on coaches on a different date or for a different route than those shown.  

 4. Tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable except in a situation where the transport service is not provided on the scheduled date due to the Transport Company or due to the occurrence of a situation of force majeure. In this case, compensation payable by the Transport Company will be limited to the price of the Ticket, without prejudice to other means of recourse open to the Passenger against the Partner.  

 5. VEA will only accept one normal sized case per person carried onto the vehicle, apart from a travel bag of such dimensions that it can be taken inside the coach.  

 In application of the legal provisions and in particular the fight against terrorism, Passengers and their luggage may be subject to various inspections, in particular security inspections, on the part of the competent authorities.  

 6. The Transport Company has taken out an insurance policy intended to compensate Passengers in case of loss of, damage to, or theft of their luggage during carriage. By express agreement, the Transport Company’s liability with regard to luggage is limited to 762 Euros per passenger and 6,098 Euros per coach and/or claim.  

 Passengers are responsible for declaring any loss/theft/damage involving their luggage to the driver as soon as they become aware of it. In addition, in case of theft, Passengers are also responsible for making an immediate declaration to the Police.  

 7. Hand luggage placed in the coach’s luggage area is the Passenger’s responsibility during the journey. Under no circumstances can the Transport Company or the Tour Operator be held liable for the theft of or damage to luggage, personal objects and/or clothing left or forgotten inside the vehicle.  

 8. The Transport Company shall not be liable for losses caused by fraud or the victim’s fault.  

 9. The Transport Company undertakes to ensure that coach drivers exhibit manners and an attitude that are impeccable throughout the journey. They will show themselves to be helpful to Passengers getting into or out of the coach.  

 10. The Transport Company’s vehicles are insured for unlimited civil liability with regard to the safety of passengers that are carried. Insurance guaranteeing assistance and repatriation is not included in the insurance relating to passenger safety referred to above and cover must be taken out individually for each passenger therefore.  

11. Passengers carried are responsible for damage they may cause to the vehicle.  

 12. In the case of an event likely to endanger passenger safety (in particular: impracticable route, strike, etc.), the Transport Company reserves the right to cancel the scheduled Service, temporarily or permanently, up to the day when the Service is to be provided. In this case, compensation payable by the Transport Company will be limited to the price of the Ticket, without prejudice to other means of recourse open to the Passenger against the Tour Operator.  

 13. In addition, departure and arrival times and routes used are given as an indication only; the Transport Company will nevertheless do all it can to comply with them. As a consequence, it is Customers’ responsibility to anticipate possible delays, especially during periods when there is a lot of traffic, and to choose their boarding times in the light of this.  

 14. V.E.A. reserves the right to refuse access to its coaches to any Passenger whose conduct would be likely to impede the proper provision of the transport service or affect the comfort and/or safety of the other Passengers. For their part, Passengers undertake to comply with the regulations displayed inside coaches and to refrain from any behaviour likely to compromise its safety and that of the other passengers, and/or their comfort.  

 15. Personal data with regard to Passengers may be sent to the Transport Company by the Partner, exclusively for the purpose of recording the transport service and for printing 

Tickets. This data will neither be sent nor transferred to any third party. In application of the Law of the 6th January 1978 concerning computing, files and liberty, any physical person has the right to access, change and delete personal data to do with them. This right can be exercised by writing, enclosing identity documents in support, to VEA, Customer Services – 2 Avenue du Groupe Manouchian – 94 400 Vitry Sur Seine – Fax: Conditions governing the provision of the Service by the Transport Company 

This document is a translation of the French version of the General Conditions of Sale. In case of complaint, only the document in French will be considered”.