Rental prices

What are the prices on your website?

Rental equipment prices are indicated on the website, TTC (inclusive of taxes). They do not include delivery rates (€12 inclusive of taxes).

These prices depend on the article (stroller, car seat, baby bouncer…), the chosen option and the length of rental.

What are your delivery rates?

Delivery rates (including recovery) are €12 (inclusive of taxes) for any order delivered in Ile-de-France (departments 75, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 78, 77) and for 4 maximum articles rented. For each order superior of 4 articles rented, delivery rates depends on the weight and the place to deliver.

 does not for the moment deliver outside Ile-de-France.

What is the deposit ?

Provision of equipment (not collected) is subject to delivery of the security deposit by the hirer to the leaser by cashable cheque in France or in cash at the latest when the equipment is delivered, or by credit card via PayPal at least 48 hours before the date of delivery of the equipment. It is essential to provide you the leased equipment.

Its amount is determined for each rented item. It is intended to cover damage suffered because of damage or theft of the equipment. The amount is indicated on the site for each of the items and confirmed in the special conditions.

Under what conditions is the deposit returned?

After each return of rental equipment, the leaser proceeds within a period of 3 days to check the state of use of the equipment and, if all the components were given back, and the hirer has complied with the terms and conditions of sale, and has caused no damage,the leaser will return the whole amount of the deposit within 6 working days.

If the packaging is missing or damaged the hirer will be charged the lump sum of €15 (inclusive of all taxes). The cost of cleaning fabrics is charged the lump sum of €45  (inclusive of all taxes). Damaged mechanisms will lead to the leaser cashing the deposit.